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2020.10.30 14:46 Ok_Calendar_9723 Art de rue - Compil Sofiane, Da Uzi, Ninho, Heuss l’enfoiré, Sadek, Soolking, Uzi, Larry, Kalash Criminel, Zola..

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2020.10.30 14:45 Ok_Calendar_9723 Art de rue - Compil Sofiane, Da Uzi, Ninho, Heuss l’enfoiré, Sadek, Soolking, Uzi, Larry, Kalash Criminel, Zola...

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2020.10.30 00:48 itsnotmeanttobe Zola Blood - Silver Soul (Luke Alessi Remix) [Akira Records / 2020]

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2020.10.29 19:01 SwaggyDingo Sone Reno Rogue Theorycrafting

I've been on a kick of Reno decks ever since I returned to this game about two months ago. So far I've done Reno Mage, Reno Hunter, and Reno druid. Reno Hunter was super fun, and brought me into platinum rank. Reno Mage was also a blast, especially with access to kazakus, Reno Druid was a bit disappointing but I think I just didn't like the maly package as a win con (just way more clunky than regular maly druid.

My next deckbuilding project is Reno Rogue. Most people seem to go the Galakrond route, but I'm not super interested in that. I was thinking about making a Reno rogue that leans more into control with kingsbane and N'Zoth as a finisher. I'm planning on running Zola and/or baleful banker to double up on my N'zoth, Zephrys, and/or Renos. I also could use the potion card that adds 1/1s that cost 1 to your hand of your minions (can't remember the name). My one worry is there won't be enough weapon buffs to support the kingsbane strategy. I'm thinking of kingsbane in this context as more of a removal tool, and late game option to push damage.

I don't have a list yet, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on Reno Rogue!
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2020.10.29 16:46 thedude_vic [For Sale] récords ! White Stripes/ The Horros/Biggie.

Some left overs from the last few post Plus some added ones some of the prices (should be at or lower then discogs) Shipping is $5 anywhere in the U.S Shoutout to everyone who had bought records from me thanks a lot for helping me make more room. Hopefully y’all enjoying y’all records! All payment has to be threw pay pal
BOOTS Aquaria-$8
Ludacris release therapy-$8
Chvrches- Project Unknown-$8
The Horros- V- $10
Biggie Small- Ready to die- Sold
Pulp fiction soundtrack-$ 12
Chicano Batman- Black Lips single (blue Rsd)- $12
Frankie Cosmos- next thing -$ 25
Zola Zues- Okovi- $13
J.cole- 2014 Hill Drive-$13
Guns and Roses- Appetite for destruction -(boot) $17
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2020.10.29 06:53 Ilexander Adudu : Watak yang tak didendang

Kalau korang perasan, Adudu ni sebenarnya watak sampingan yang penting. Sebab kalau takde dia, takde kuasa manipulasi Elemental,Manipulasi Graviti,Manipulasi Masa, Manipulasi Molekul, Manipulasi Bayang sebab diala yang bertanggungjawab bawak Ochobot ke bumi. Takde dia, takde la Papa Zola punya family. Tapi malangnya dia tu watak jahat(Antagonist). Ada la cerita lain yang jalan cerita dia Hero ada sebab ada orang jahat Macam Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, Guardian of the Galaxy dan ada lagi. Semua ada persamaan. Kat hujung cerita diorang Kalahkan orang yang menjadi punca diorang ada kuasa. jadi ada tak cerita betul-betul macam ni?
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2020.10.29 04:44 KimchiOnKimchi What are your thoughts on Zola Registry?

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2020.10.29 00:52 stealinoffdeadpeople Messi + Hazard + Neymar + Ronaldo + Mbappe + Griezmann + Ramos + Davies + Son + Cavani + Ibrahimovic + Lukaku + Muller + Reus + Modric + Lewandowski + Haaland + Vardy + Sancho + Rashford + Van Dijk + Paulinho + Aubameyang + Grealish + Ozil + De Bruyne + Neuer + Hazard + Kane = Pulisic

Messi + Hazard + Neymar + Ronaldo + Mbappe + Griezmann + Ramos + Davies + Son + Cavani + Ibrahimovic + Lukaku + Muller + Reus + Modric + Lewandowski + Haaland + Vardy + Sancho + Rashford + Van Dijk + Paulinho + Aubameyang + Grealish + Ozil + M1 Abrams + De Bruyne + Neuer + Hazard + Kane + Pele + Maradona + Puskas + Cruyff + Garrincha + Thuram + Zidane + Cantona + Landrup + Wu Lei + Henderson + Zola + Morata + Courtois + Laporte + Dembele + Lampard + Fabianski + Ronaldinho + Gullit + Terry + Rooney + Bernie Sanders + Donnarumma + Buffon + Mkhitaryan + Noble + Soucek + Thiago + Thiago Silva + Werner + Visca + Secretariat + Upamecano + Tonali + Havertz + Gundogan + Verratti + Kompany + Evra + Pastore + Snejider + Pirlo + D. Va + Maicon + Milito + Guarin + Zanetti + Palacio + Abdulrahman + Weah + Yashin + 2013 Falcao + Borat Sagdiyev + Morata + Navas + Soyuncu + Milik + Jimenez + Douglas Costa + Raul + Saul + Tielemans + Dubravka + Perisic + Neil Armstrong + Immobile + Reyna + Witsel + Suarez + HIV + Zahavi + Hummels + Nick Mullen + Rapinoe + Depay + Alisson + James + Lacazette + Siakam + Mourinho + Mane + Sane + Goretzka + Fati + DCL + Zaha + Pedro + Adama + Sabitzer + Willian + Alaba + Fan Zhendong + Felix + Caqueret + Wenger + Jovic + Greenwood + Ilicic + Vinicius + Dest + Odegaard + Januzaj + Kulusevski + Oblak + Liu Kang + Camavinga + Fofana + Tierney + Keanu + Aouar + Fekir + Mahrez + Jackie Chan + Salah + Coutinho + Platini + Benzema + Robertson + Kante + Insigne + Brandt + Azpilicueta + Isco + Corona + Mata + Ndidi + Firminho = Pulisic
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2020.10.29 00:50 -greys Final Episode Ideas

My ideal last episode would be everyone who is still alive meet up at Grey Sloan to have a get together party. All the kids would be grown up like Zola, Tuck, Bailey, etc. The party would be hosted by Cristina. Addison, Alex, Izzie, and Stephanie would come back for the last episode and everyone else who’s still on the show would attend. At the end of the party, Cristina would play Where Does The Good Go to dance it out for the last time they’ll all be together at the same time. And it zooms out into a white screen with the words Grey’s Anatomy boldly written in black. Comment your own ideas too!
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2020.10.28 23:02 MrBleah The episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier I want to see.

Try not to ding me for not knowing how to write a screenplay (and that formatting it in a Reddit post would be difficult anyway).
TLDR: Skip to the end.

Men Out of Time

The camera pans across the sky and we see the Quinjet is flying in stealth mode.
We look forward into the cockpit and slowly zoom in and see the Falcon and Winter Soldier are seated up front.
We're looking at the Winter Soldier piloting the Quinjet. He looks down at the displays and sees something.
WINTER SOLDIER - "We're getting close."
He looks over at the Falcon and as the camera pans over we see the Falcon looks dead asleep. WS begins to lean over and starts to open his mouth as if to yell something...
FALCON - Eyes still closed, "Don't even think about it."
WINTER SOLDIER - Smiles and shakes his head, "We're 5 clicks out if you were planning to do something other than nap on this mission."
FALCON - Opens his eyes, "Says the man that spent a few decades sleeping."
Falcon gets up and preps his flight gear. The check is routine and he completes it quickly. Then he reaches down and pulls out the Captain America shield and straps it on to his arm.
FALCON (under his breath while looking at the shield) - "Not sure I'll ever get used to this."
We see the outline of a castle on a hill lit by the moon. As the Quinjet approaches, the Falcon drops out and dives toward the castle.
WINTER SOLDIER (over comms) - "High level cosmic energy readings at target site confirmed."
FALCON (circling the castle exterior) - We see the view from inside the Falcon's visor. "I'm getting no heat signatures."
WINTER SOLDIER (over comms) - "Coming in on the northwest side. Looks like a helipad."
FALCON (passes over the area) - "Clear."
Falcon lands near the Quinjet as Winter Soldier exits the vehicle carrying his weapon and scanning for targets. He is wearing low light vision equipment. Both men are alert to any possible threats.
FALCON - "I'm getting zero activity except for the radiation source which looks to be near the center of the castle."
They enter the castle.
The two are scouting towards the source of the cosmic energy readings. Both are quiet. Falcon in the lead.
FALCON'S POV: Falcon's heads up display shows him a map of the site in the upper corner of his vision. This leads them to a room with a massive door that is ajar.
They share a look at this.
The room is dark, but a few small light sources show on consoles.
FALCON'S POV: Falcon's HUD displays the cosmic energy reading as a bright spot at the opposite side of the room. We see the outlines of lab equipment in his low light vision.
The room is circular and roughly 50 feet in diameter. There is a raised section surrounding the exterior of the room lined with terminals and equipment with a slightly lower center section.
Falcon steps into the center of the room first, nothing happens and so WS follows. As they circle around moving towards the source of the energy the whole central floor lights up and a force field surrounds the two.
FALCON (bemused) - "Well... this isn't good."
WS (vaguely disgusted) - "Isn't that fancy headgear of yours supposed to warn us about this sort of thing?"
FALCON (annoyed) - "Listen six million dollar man, how come you don't have a trap scanner in that bionic arm of yours?!"
Displays turn on as the room powers up. "Doom OS 5.1.2 Loaded" is shown briefly on one screen along with various technical jargon. Another screen displays a message, "--Fourth Dimensional Quantum Entanglement--Iteration #24 Engaged."
The two disappear.
There are several men inside the warehouse unloading strange devices from various crates. Three other men enter from a doorway. All of the men are dressed in clothing of the 1950s. One of the three entering leads the way and the others behind him are obviously bodyguards. They approach the men in the warehouse.
The leader of the group moves to examine the devices being unloaded from the crates. He pulls one out and it's obviously a firearm, one of the weapons the Red Skull developed with Arnim Zola, an Arnimhilation 99L. He turns to an unloaded crate and casually fires the weapon annihilating the crate and sending shards flying.
HYDRA LEADER (smiling): "Amazing. The Red Skull might be dead, but his vision lives on."
A masked man (full face mask) is on a beam above the Hydra operatives looking down from the shadows above them. He makes his way into position above the Hydra agents.
He drops down among them flinging two small metallic discs at the men, one of which is the leader holding the energy weapon. Most of the men are caught off guard and the masked man quickly begins to dispose of them, but we see another Hydra operative appear with one of the Arnimhilation 99L weapons and draw a bead on the masked man. It looks like he has the drop on him. Suddenly, a bright flash of light appears nearby surprising everyone. When the light fades we see the Falcon and the Winter Soldier standing somewhat dazed in the spot where the light appeared.
MASKED MAN (looking shocked) - "Buck? Sam?"
While the masked man is distracted one of the bodyguards clobbers him across the back of the neck with a blackjack. Right after the masked man falls to the ground another Hydra operative shoots an Arnimhilation 99L into the exact spot where he was standing, but misses and accidentally disintegrates the bodyguard.
HYDRA OPERATIVE (as he shoots) - "HAIL HYDRA!"
FALCON - "Well that...
WS - "Clears things up."
Falcon and WS both engage the Hydra agents in combat. The Hydra agents attempt to use some of the energy weapons, but it doesn't help and they are disposed of relatively easily. As Falcon and WS finish off the last of them the masked man has recovered by this point and gets up while rubbing the back of his neck.
FALCON (looking at the masked man) - "I thought I heard him say..."
WS - "You did."
MASKED MAN - "Let me call in SHIELD to come pick these guys up and then we can get this sorted out."
We see SHIELD agents rounding up the Hydra operatives as Falcon, WS and the masked man look on. We catch a glimpse of a woman giving orders to the SHIELD agents.
MASKED MAN - "Okay, I think we all have some explaining to do."
Masked man pulls off his mask and it's Steve Rogers.
FALCON - "Where the heck are we?"
STEVE - "That's not quite as important as when the heck are you and the answer to that is 1953. Did Stark send you to come get me and where did you get that?" he nods to the shield Falcon is holding.
FALCON - "You gave me this."
WS - "Stark didn't send us and this is going to sound strange, but we already know why you're here, but we just don't know why we're here."
STEVE (looks thoughtful and then has a sudden insight) - "I'm still in so much shock and worried about why you're here I haven't even said how good it is to see you both!"
They all smile.
FALCON - "Never a dull moment."
WS - "Talk about deja vu."
STEVE - "Let's head back to my place and work this out."
They pull into the garage with Steve driving an innocuous 1950s car and Falcon and WS as passengers.
They all get out of the car. Steve moves to a wall of tools, flips a few secret switches and the wall opens up to reveal a large hidden storage area.
STEVE - "Leave the hardware here. The Mrs. should be home soon." He grins.
Falcon and WS pause, exchange a look as if they are each going to say something to the other and then just give a knowing look as it comes together for them.
CUT TO: INT STEVE'S HOUSE - KITCHEN The house is dark as they enter through the kitchen door. Steve turns on the lights. A small table with two chairs serves as an eat in kitchen area. Falcon and WS both sit down.
STEVE (gestures) - "Home sweet home."
FALCON - "So, is this what we think it is?
WS - "This is definitely what we think it is."
STEVE (pauses, thoughtful) - "You know more than me, but cards on the table, I have always intended to take the normal way back to the 21st century."
WS - "And as far as we know, you did."
FALCON - "Though old Steve was a little tight lipped about the details."
WS - "Maybe for a different reason than we thought, because if you knew we came back here..."
FALCON - "Then telling us about it might have messed things up."
WE HEAR the sound of a car pulling into the driveway,
STEVE - "Ah, the Mrs. is home at last."
WE HEAR footsteps approaching the kitchen door. The door opens and it's Peggy Carter. Both the Falcon and WS stand up.
PEGGY (sees Steve) - "Well, that certainly paid off. I think that's the last of..."
STEVE (points in the direction of Falcon and WS) - "We have guests."
PEGGY (looks over) - "Guests?"
Peggy gets a shocked look on her face as she recognizes WS.
PEGGY - "Sgt Barnes?! Steve, you never told me he was alive!"
Peggy goes over to hug Bucky and he returns her embrace. Steve is trying to internally work out how to explain that Bucky is the Winter Soldier, something he has thought about a lot.
STEVE - "Peg, we should probably save that dance."
This is a code that passes between them for future knowledge best left unknown.
PEGGY (looks at Steve) - "So, we're dealing with men out of time then."
FALCON - "Hello. I'm Sam."
STEVE - "Peggy, this is Sam Wilson, one of my closest friends from the 21st century."
PEGGY - "Sam! Oh, I've heard great things about you."
FALCON - "All true."
WS - "I'm still the closest friend from the 20th century."
FALCON - "Only because I never had a shot at that title. Before we get too serious here who are you supposed to be in that get up with the mini throwing shields?"
STEVE - "Well, I call myself Nomad..."
FALCON (looking shocked) - "Wait, wait, wait. You're Nomad?!"
Everyone looks at him quizzically.
FALCON - Looks around the room, "No one has heard of Nomad?! He's a legend! (pauses) Okay, I get it.
I better not say anything else."
STEVE (smiles) - "I guess that never made it on my list."
FALCON (looks at Steve shaking his head)
PEGGY - "As much as I am absolutely thrilled to welcome Steve's two closest friends into our home, am I right to think that this visit wasn't exactly planned?"
WS - "To say the least."
Steve and Peggy sit together on a couch while Falcon and WS sit opposite in chairs. As the scene opens they are finishing explaining the situation.
PEGGY (looks at Steve) - "Is it strange that none of this surprises me anymore?"
STEVE (smiles) - "You are becoming jaded aren't you dear. I'll have to tell you about Thanos some time."
They quickly kiss.
Falcon and WS smile.
FALCON - "One question, how are you two a thing without the whole world knowing you Peggy are married to Captain America?"
PEGGY (looks fondly at Steve)- "I like to think of it as he is married to Agent Carter Head of Shield, but I see your point, he is a bit more visible."
STEVE (smiles) - "Simple pal, secret identity. Meet James Wilson." He reaches over to a side table and pulls out some military issue framed glasses and puts them on.
WS - "Come on. You're kidding."
FALCON (points at Steve) - "You know... that's working."
Then we see a light start to build around the two of them.
FALCON (bemused) - "Well... this isn't good."
WS - "What about the..."
They disappear, leaving Steve and Peggy shocked looking at empty chairs.
The basic idea for this episode or episodes is just that I want to see Steve and Peggy together again and the most likely way that would happen would be as guest stars in a Falcon and WS episode. After Falcon and WS encounter the time machine/quantum entangler, they get pulled into various situations in the timeline where their appearance benefits Steve in some fashion. After they leave the 50s they start traveling forward in time. Each time Steve is their locus. Their appearance inadvertently saves him from some bad thing happening. This would give us the opportunity to see 60s and 70s Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. I really want to see Steve go long hair 60s hippie as an undercover gig and then for the 70s have a big mustache. Falcon and WS lose all their stuff back in the 50s, but Steve gets it back to them in the 60s. Eventually these timeline incidents are all resolved and they end up back in the castle.
There are some touchy aspects to this too since WS killed Howard and Maria Stark. Not sure if I could avoid dealing with some aspect of that in this storyline. Howard Stark meeting Bucky as WS prior to getting killed by WS is a little too meta for me to contemplate at the moment.
Shout out to Dr. Doom as the machine creator, but we don't find out what the heck is going on with that. It's a little nugget for pulling in the FF stuff somewhere.
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2020.10.28 09:15 AllOfTheD Live with Marvel Champions right now. Come join the fun to see if the guys survive against Armin Zola [Expert]

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2020.10.28 07:25 DrainZ- Top 20 cards that would be the most broken as a tier 6 card in battlegrounds


Top 20:
  1. Plaguebringer
  2. Plague Scientist
  3. Acidmaw
  4. Glinda Crowskin
  5. Ace Hunter Kreen
  6. Sylvanas Windrunner
  7. Venomizer
  8. Hallazi, the Lynx
  9. Gloop Sprayer
  10. Shudderwock
  11. Faceless Manipulator
  12. Spider Bomb
  13. Zola the Gorgon
  14. Stoneskin Basilisk
  15. Questing Adventurer
  16. Convincing Infiltrator
  17. Sahket Sapper
  18. Magehunter
  19. Grumble, Worldshaker
  20. Barista Lynchen
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2020.10.28 06:08 tiggerclaw "Emile Zola élettársával, Jeanne Rozerottal" by unknown

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2020.10.28 04:46 chitov3 Who Stays, Who Goes

Seeing the news about Beckie not returning...what are peoples thoughts on roster moves for next season?
I can see a few of the veteran fan favs leaving. The guys in the upper 30s: Ryan, Carrijo, possibly Yuma. But they are Lowry's boys, we would have to see who TopNotch feeds him as replacements. Being the oldest roster in the league is fine for a few years. Good leadership, tons of experience, but the bodies cant keep it up for too long.
I know in the Seriously Loco podcast, Lowry made a comment about making roster moves for next year, but besides King, I dont think many of those moves stood out this year. Kallman was a like a 6 week loan. Bahner didnt lock down a roster spot late in the year.
I can also see the slight possibility of Lowry movng on. He's done a great job that has probably boosted his marketability. Not knowing the finances, a big offer from another USL club could tempt him away. Maybe a spot on an MLS staff would be tempting. I can see him pulling a Nick Saban and "not going to Miami" and then...going to Miami.
What about the Bravos boys? Gomez has upped his game, if anyone knows what the Bravos staff thinks of him, please share. Borelli played lots of minutes. Carrijo never seemed to get off the ground.
What about the younger guys? Chapa had that trial period at LAFC, it doesnt mean anything now, but if he made connections a move to MLS would be awesome for him. Or would PHX pull a move like they did with Santi Moar from ABQ? A big payday for Chapa would make it a tough choice. Memo hopefully has done enough to prove he can be in the starting 11. He is versatile. He's been deployed as a FB but he did show glimpses of being able to play as a 10 in either the NM game or was it SA...
Did anyone think Zola stood out? I didnt. How well is Chiro gonna recover? Can anyone keep Me-shnack in shape?
I think they need to lock down Mares, Rebellon, Omar, King, Ketterer, Chapa, Memo, Gomez, as a good core and build around them. Yes, earlier I could see Chapa, Gomez, and Memo go, but it would be good to see them stay too. Gotta see both sides of the coin.
So put on those thinking caps or break out the pitchforks and lets hear what you all think.
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2020.10.27 21:34 maashu Zola Jesus / Okovi - rust swirl vinyl

Zola Jesus / Okovi - rust swirl vinyl

This was a run of ~500 copies of Okovi, the wax seal on the sleeve behind the turntable was part of this version. Sacred Bones records released this along with a slew of other Zola Jesus rereleases including Stridulum II. The turntable is a Technics DJM-1200 MK3 (second one to the left of the Pioneer DJM-600 mixer not pictured this time).
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2020.10.27 20:47 ukallday Who is your favourite Chelsea 11? not who you think is the best , just those players you absolutely loved in a blue shirt ! 4-4-2

Mine would be -
GK: Cech RB:Petrescu CB:Terry CB:Desailly LB:Cole RM: Zola CM:Lampard CM:Wise LM:Hazard CF:Jimmy Floyd CF:Drogba
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2020.10.27 18:54 Nigward9999 Only squad battles, but wtf did fifa Do to my shot thats mid icon Zola with hunter 😂

Only squad battles, but wtf did fifa Do to my shot thats mid icon Zola with hunter 😂 submitted by Nigward9999 to fut [link] [comments]

2020.10.27 17:11 Fatgigi Advice on turning 200k into an icon card

Hi guys, I am sitting on 200k on FUT and I would like to turn this into an icon card, I had Baggio/Zola/Del Piero in mind.
I am currently division 6 and could probably reach division 4 in a few weeks. I don’t play loads of games per week and my division rewards are approx 45k if I reach rank 2 on rivals and rank 1 on squad battles so the road to my icon card is looking rather long.
So I was wondering if you guys had some good guidance on how to invest the coins I have as I think there is potential here. I know there are a lot of videos on YouTube that go though thoughts on how to invest (overwhelming amount of vids) but I was hoping someone here could give me some good rules of thumb, dos and donts , and things to look out for when buying and selling.
I get that you are supposed to buy players who will probably become metà but I have to say a lot of the players I bought that I currently use in my main serie a fut squad have really dropped in value from when I bought them, players like hakimi, Martinez, koulibaly...
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2020.10.27 15:08 hugejackman2019 My zola, your zola, every indians zola. Bangla people must be smiling right now. @Zolaboi jee.

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2020.10.26 21:48 TheRoyalGodfrey Musician Workers Union Launches “Justice at Spotify” Campaign Demanding One Cent Per Stream: The Union has also called for increased transparency and an end to Spotify's lawsuits against artists

The Union of Musicians and Allied Workers (UMAW) has launched a new campaign called “Justice at Spotify”, with the hope of securing a more equitable financial arrangement from the world’s most popular music streamer.
Spotify has long been criticized for its paltry payout rates. One recent report found that a mid-sized indie label earned $0.00348 per stream, which means that you could listen to a record more than one hundred times and the artist still wouldn’t receive a single cent. Some artists found that arrangement to be less than ideal — Thom Yorke called Spotify “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse” — but Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has defended the arrangement. In a recent interview, Ek laid the blame on artists, saying, “you can’t record music once every three to four years and think that’s going to be enough.” That might be true as long as the Swedish streamer is doling out $0.00348 per song. But the UMAW is focused on reducing the middle-man’s cut and increasing the share paid to artists. To that end, the “Justice at Spotify” campaign has laid out three chief goals, which have been given the labels “Pay Us,” “Be Transparent,” and “Stop Fighting Artists.”
The campaign is headlined by a demand of at least one cent per stream, which would represent up to a 130x increase in current payout rates. Spotify is cagey about some of its usage, but a bit of back-of-the-napkin calculations suggest that this could put a significant strain on the streamer. The company made $7.3 billion in revenue in 2019, but the gross profit was only $1.8 billion, with most of the $5.5 billion difference going to labels and artists. If the payouts so much as double, Spotify is in serious trouble. There’s no way the platform can support its current model and pay a cent per song; at even half-a-cent, the company would quickly end up in bankruptcy even if they underwent a total restructuring requiring much higher monthly fees and less free-with-advertising streaming. One cent per song should be viewed as an anchor point for negotiations; Spotify can’t say “yes” or it will quickly come to an end.
That’s fine by UMAW organizers. According to Damon Krukowski, “These demands are what Spotify needs to do to become a platform that works for artists. If Spotify’s business model can’t pay artists fairly, and can’t operate openly, then it shouldn’t exist.”
Spotify has more room to agree to the union’s other demands around transparency and artist kindness. The UMAW wants Spotify to credit everyone who worked on songs, to stop making closed-door deals with major labels which are subsidized by indie artists without negotiating power, and to end the practice of payola, which allows deep-pocketed gatekeepers to pay money to boost certain tracks. Finally, the union demands that Spotify end lawsuits against music workers.
So far, the UMAW’s petition for equitable treatment has been signed nearly 900 times, including by Ted Leo, Alex Somers, Zola Jesus, Deerhoof, Jay Som, Lady Lamb, Illuminati Hotties, Eve 6, WHY?, Sad13, Tanya Donelly, Fugazi’s Guy Picciotto, Sheer Mag, Ezra Furman, Downtown Boys, and more. If the union’s demands aren’t met, they plan to escalate tactics. As organizer Cody Figerald said in a statement, “There is money being made in the music industry during the pandemic, it’s just not going to artists. We need to stand together to demand our fair share.”
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2020.10.26 20:26 greysfan44 Friendships

Anyone else have friendships that you wish we got to see more of? My top three are: Zola and Sophia ( them talking about their Dad’s would be sad but cute) Owen and April Teddy and Arizona ( I wish she was still around for Teddy to have someone to talk to)
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2020.10.26 13:53 prodxkey Stoichkov, Zola, or Nedved?

Can afford one of them, but not sure which is best in game. 87 Stoichkov, 87 Zola, or 86 Nedved?
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